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ECOAEON IL provides solutions to the existential world by improving agricultural yields alongside water saving.

Our team

Experienced personal in the water field with established record.

Our technology

VCB - Vortex Ceramic Balls Hybrid Technology that activates water for agriculture irrigation.

We think innovate

We expresses our purpose and our efforts in promise to contribute to global sustainability.


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Increasing yields, saving water, urging growth.


Increasing dissolved oxygen to algae roots.

Fish Farms

Reducing mortality urging growth.

Test results

The world is coping with water scarcity, an action is needed for agriculture and food security production.

A full validation report was conducted by Water researh center at Tel Aviv University.

Beef tomato testing at Arava international center.
For results click here.

Cucumber test at Emek Hefer.
For results click here.

Fish test at Beit Itzhak farm.
For results click here.

Rice field test to improve crop quality.
For results click here.

Capillary Action of Activated Water.
For results click here.

Farming calculation.
For results click here.

Orange Preservation Test.
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Field tests

See what we managed to acheive

Cucumber - Control

Cucumber - Activated

Lettuce Field




Capillary Action

Orange Preservation



Installing the VCB system at a cucumber greenhouse

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